Dramatis Persoanae

       Back before I began using the internet on a more personal level, I discovered furries. More specifically, I decovered the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom that existed on a green website called deviantART. I learned about the “SatAM/Archie Comics” characters that didn’t exist in the Sonic X show I watched Saturday mornings on CW4Kids. I learned about the weird shit that people post about Sonic characters that I probably shouldn’t have seen until much later, lol. BUT, most importantly, I learned about Sonic OCs.

       Over time I learned about the wider Furry Fandom, having also seen the entry about Furries in Guinness World Records 2008. I developed my Sonic OCs into a sort of shared universe of various characters I had that was also shared with my sibling. Ever since, I’ve had a kind of fursona. When I discovered Lapfox Trax later on, I was inspired to create a similar universe of characters to make music as. This project has never really seen the light of day though. When I started to utilize Second Life again in 2020, it reignited my desire to make this happen. I hope with documenting them here I can begin to piece together this project.

Evoline Theory Evoline Theory

V.V.Malaise V.V. Malaise

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Evoline Theory

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Aug. 6, 2021

V. V. Malaise

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