V. V. Malaise

V.V. is digital being who lives on the Second Life grid, hosted by Linden Labs.

V.V. Malaise wants to make “rave” music, make people dance and forget everything but the vibe in the club. Her clothing choices generally reflect this opting for bright colors contrasted on black. V.V. acts impuslively, but without mallace or disregard for others.

Her hobbies include exploring the grid, checking out Art Installations, and attending live music shows. Likes include: cheap tex mex food, skateboarding, caffeine, MySpace/Geocities era internet aesthetics, crappy cars, rainbows, hugs, video games. Dislikes include: bananas, talking, silence, internet outages, Nintendo Fanboys. Musical influences include: deadmau5, The Prodigy, Atari Teenage Riot, Skrillex, Renard Queenston, Mayhem, CombiChrist, Joyryde, Dynamo City, Phuture Doom, Charlotte de Witte, MUST DIE!

Who is V.V. Malaise?

What? V.V. is a collection of bytes hosted on a server. She takes the form of a bipedal-plantigrade anthropomorphic cat-like fox.
Looks? V.V.'s fur has hues of pink and black. In contrast, her eyes and hair are bright greens. She pretends she needs glasses and is generally seen wearing a rather large circle shaped pair. She generally wears rave-goth or mall-goth inspired outfits.
A/S/L? born April 20th, 2015, bigender (pronouns: she/her), Malamute (62,146,23)