Cellular Beings

       This album was my first collaboration with another artist. I met Ω via Soundcloud. We were both posting Soundclowns and Vaporwave at the time, and we started chatting and we decided to do a split album under a duo alias, ♥~bleɘd~♥ (pronounced two bleeding hearts).

       Ω was running a netlabel at the time called Eclectic Sound Machine and we released this album on it. We themed the album around telecomuniations, with a focus on cellphones. This album is for certain not the best work I’ve done, as I felt my contributions were really weak. Ω doesn’t like being associated with their older work, but I can assure you that their more recent work is Fantastic and I hope you run into it.

       I don’t talk with Ω as much as I’d like, but I keep tabs on them and their work. I hope to maybe one day work with them again. This album will always be important to me, even though it kinda sucks.

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